Monday, February 25, 2019

10 things you should do in University

Hi guys! The reason why I wanted to make this entry is because I realized how close I am to be done with my bachelor's degree. I will be done in July, InshaAllah! Through out three years and a half (foundation + degree) being a Uni student, there are a lot of things I am glad I did, but there are also things I wish I had done.

So adik-adik out there, yang hampir dapat result SPM and probably pumped to finally be a Uni student doing diploma or foundation (matriks also applied), these are the things that you can (should) do:

1. Make friends
Make loads of them. It is better that you mingle around people that has different race than you. Maybe some of you guys belajar MRSM dulu and only be around Malays, this is a great opportunity to have Chinese or Indian friends. Kalau masuk UiTM then make a lot of Malay & Bumiputera friends. Be reminded that University life is the time where you will be meeting macam macam jenis orang. Some will blow your mind of how good or ridiculous they can be. Be prepared! 😜

2. Be open minded
In Uni, like I previously has mentioned, you will be meeting a lot of people from different backgrounds, lifestyle and principles in life. Learn from them. Pick up the good and leave out the negative. Be open because not everyone is raise the same. This is when you will realize that everyone, literally everyone is different. They are unique and interesting. You will also realize how each person is sent into your life to teach you something be it through a blessing or a lesson. 

3. Get out of your comfort zone
Be crazy, go and do things you never tried. You will more or less be thrown into it anyway. Keep an eye out for great opportunities, whatever it may be. If you have never tried martial arts, go and do it. You never tried sports, try! Who knows you will love it? You wanted to try debate but too shy in school. Now is the time to do it because nobody knows you here. You are fresh and new. Learn, try. The next thing you know, everybody else is also trying.

4. Redeem yourself
If you hate your school life, make memories in University. Love University life because it is fun. Believe me, it is. As much as I value my school life, nothing can compare to my University life. I love it so much that I am actually sad that I have to let go of it soon. Same goes to if you have not been good at school, find a course that you like and kick them all in the butt. Be absolutely good at it. Everyone has the chance to, just choose wisely.

5. Build relationships
Apart from make friends, you should also built friendships. This is a little tricky because like I said, you will meet so many types of human being. Weird ones, backstabbers, annoying ones, fakers, you name it. If you get lucky, you will find people that you can click with (potentially a boyfriend too LOL). These people are worth to keep. I have a group of friends in Uni that has been with me since semester 1. I think I am lucky to be able to meet great circle that helped me so much with my studies. I swear I don't think I can get through five semesters without their help. Same goes to the people I had back in Asasi. They are true people that lifted me and drove me to better every time. A good circle of friends that resulted to friendships can help you a heck lot in getting through Uni life.

6. Focus
You can enjoy life but never be out of focus from what you want to achieve. Stay focused to your aim but in the midst of that, enjoy the ride. There will be days where you feel exhausted, done with life, wanting to quit, but hold on. If you keep your focus, you will get to the destination and all of your hard work will pay off. Don't easily be swayed from your target especially when you are having fun or in love. Use that as your drive to do and be better. I have seen people who did not do well because they had their priorities on the wrong thing and I have also seen both of the partners excel. You determine your own life. You make the choice.

7. Let go of insecurities 
I always believe that entering a new environment altogether means turning over a new leaf. Be a better you. Let go of your doubts and insecurities because it will do you no good. Stop comparing yourself to other people and stop focusing on what you cannot do and start embracing what you can do. I know being around people you barely know can be a little intimidating but always be positive. Stop thinking you are less and start believing that you are enough. In fact, you are better than your yesterday. If you think that your result is not as good as other people and that would make you insecure, stop caring about other people's result. MIND YOUR OWN. If you are insecure how other people's English is so much better than yours, trust me she feels the same with other people. You have to start pushing yourself to be better at it than condemning yourself. You will only make yourself feel bad. 

8. Make constant improvement
Continuation to the last point, try to make constant improvement. Be it your English, you communication, your self confidence, your image, your way of thinking, your Math, literally whatever it is. Constantly improving. A lot of things you can change and it starts with you. I swear by by this quote -- "Believe that you can and you're halfway there." If you believe that you can be better, you are already progressing. You just have to have faith. In yourself.

9. Be good to your teachers (lecturers)
Honestly this is something you should do even in school. Lecturers are more likely to care about your grades if they know you. If you are good with them, they will try to give you better grades. If they have no idea who you are, then they would not care as much. It is always a plus point if you can secure a good relationship with your lecturers. Everything will seem so much easier. They will be easier to be approached for questions or doubts regarding the subject. 

10. Have fun
Stop worrying and just have fun. Break lose. Stop being shy and introverted. Stop being too caught up and serious. You will have stressful days, that's for sure but in the end, you will get through it. There will be a semester that you hate so much and there will be a semester that you wish to never end. Embrace it all. Because soon enough, you will realize that you are at the end of the road. Everything will end in a blink. 

All the best to my sisters and brothers. You will do well InshaAllah ✨

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